The Edgbaston Aesthetics

The skin is often overlooked and taken for granted. It is the largest organ in the body and is the only organ that is constantly exposed to the outside world. The skin has many roles to carry out that we do not consider, such as;

  • Protecting the body from sun exposure, toxins and injuries
  • Preserves the inner body and protects from infection
  • Assists the body in regulating heat
  • Gives us visual signs of our physical and emotional well being

From the moment we are born we immediately start the process of aging. Up until the age of 20 we are still in the growth and development period. By our early 20s, growth and development is complete and the ageing effects begin to become visible in our skin. Your skin starts to lose it's elasticity and moisture. It begins to dry out and become less supple eventually causing wrinkles.

At Edgbaston Aesthetics we offer a range of hand-picked non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments to enhance your appearance. With the help of our experienced and skilled team of Practitioners we will work with you to find the treatment that best suits your needs and requirements.